Vaccination against Coronavirus completely suspended in Sarajevo Today

Vaccination against coronavirus will be completely suspended in Sarajevo today, because there will be no more vaccines available. 

“Since all remaining vaccines will be used up today, immunization in Zetra will be stopped until the next delivery of vaccines,” the Canton Sarajevo Ministry of Health said. 

Vaccination in recent days has certainly been limited to certain groups and to revaccination. Yesterday, the immunization of oncology patients continued in Zetra, as well as the revaccination of previously vaccinated persons, and close to 900 doses were administered on that occasion. 

As announced, the same activity will continue today, as well as the revaccination of health workers. 

The Federation of BiH does not yet have any directly vaccinated vaccines. The vaccines used were procured through COVAX, the EU mechanism or as a donation from other countries. These vaccines come to BiH in small deliveries and are evenly distributed. 

Sarajevo Canton has agreed to purchase half a million doses of the Russian Sputnik V vaccine, and the first deliveries were due in June. 

However, they are now uncertain because the Federation of BiH, which procures vaccines together with the canton, has set new conditions for producers. 

In addition, the FBiH government announced the purchase of half a million Chinese Sinopharm vaccines, but now it turns out that the Chinese side has not yet signed the contract. 

In the meantime, many BiH citizens are vaccinated every day in neighboring Serbia, Klix.ba writes.

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