US Government Donated Special Equipment to SIPA

sipa-181Christopher Milam, the Regional Advisor of the EXBS program of the US government for BiH, Croatia, Montenegro and Serbia visited the State Agency for Investigation and Protection (SIPA) yesterday.

The visit was organized on the occasion of a donation of special equipment to SIPA, which would contribute to the development of the capacities of SIPA.

The Director of SIPA Goran Zubac gave Christopher Milam an embossed emblem of SIPA and thanked him for his considerable help and support to SIPA in strengthening and developing its capacities.

Zubac said that it would maintain trust in its organization in the next period with important significant operational actions.

In a discussion with the Director of SIPA, Milam expressed the willingness of EXBS program to lend support in the next period in a similar way to strengthen and develop the capacity of SIPA, announced SIPA.

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