US Ambassador Moon Visited Training of US Football Players

MoonPatrickThe US Ambassador to BIH Patrick Moon, together with around 40 children with disabilities, attended yesterday’s training of the US football team on stadium Asim Ferhatović Hase.

The US team will play a friendly match tonight against BIH, and Moon and the children attended the training as part of USAID, UNICEF and EU campaign “Talking about the possibilities’’ to raise awareness and develop positive attitudes within BIH society on inclusion and the needs of children with disabilities.

‘’Talking about the possibilities’’ is a campaign with the goal to raise awareness and to mobilize communities to reduce prejudices and attitudes about children and people with disabilities in BIH, and the campaign is supported by the US Ambassador to BIH.

Moon told journalists there that sport is the best way to connect people, and that today’s game to bring the two friendly countries together-BIH and the USA.

“I do not know who will win, but it is certain that two great teams are meeting. BIH has the best generation until now, and the US is not a bad team. So, this should be interesting. Sport is the best way to bring people together and it is certain that I would come to the game tomorrow’’, said Moon.

(Source: Fena)

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