Unity in BiH: Photo shows Representatives of Three Religious Communities!

The photo that was made on Tuesday in Srebrenica gives hope that Bosnia and Herzegovina still has a bright future.

Namely, there are representatives of all three religious communities in Srebrenica, Ahmed ef. Hrustanovic from the Islamic Community in Srebrenica, a priest of the Catholic Church Fra Joso Orsolic and a priest of the Serbian Orthodox Church in Srebrenica Aleksandar Mladanovic.

The photograph was created as part of the regular activities of the OSCE when students visited all religious places that exist in this municipality, hence the Catholic and Orthodox churches and mosque.

Photographs as this one should represent the hope of everyone in BiH. All peoples should start to work on activities that can make us closer to live together regardless of everything.

(Source: radiosarajevo, photo: zvornicki.ba)



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