United World College in Mostar won prestigious Zayed Sustainability Prize


The United World College (UWC), in Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina, was founded in 2006 as the first school in the country that allows students from the three constituent ethno-national groups to follow one curriculum together.

The school proposes to build one of the first environmentally conscious buildings, in the city of Mostar.

These plans include installation of solar panels, water-saving technologies, triple-glazed windows, and special insulation. Furthermore, UWC aims at creating a space that can host workshops and activities for the local community to help the school strengthen its environmental outreach activities.

The building is Santic’s residence that will open in 2020, and will include solar panels, water-saving technology and special insulation.

The goal of the United World College is to equip the building to hold workshops and various activities for the local community, which, they said, will also contribute to the mission of the school in BiH and to the development of a post-conflict society, and through the implementation of the awarded project, get the first “green” building.

UWC Mostar is the only school and team to represent Bosnia and Herzegovina at this prestigious event in the United Arab Emirates, with a valuable prize of 100,000 U.S. dollars expected to implement the project.

“We are grateful to have received this significant recognition for our work. With our new residency, we will strive to expand our community activities and contribute to raising awareness among locals and students,” said one of the winning team members, Joseph Knight.

The Zayed Sustainability Prize, an evolution of the Zayed Future Energy Prize, is the UAE’s pioneering global award in sustainability and a tribute to the legacy of the late founding father of the UAE, Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan.

Established in 2008, this annual award recognises and rewards the achievements of those who are driving impactful, innovative and inspiring sustainability solutions across five distinct categories: Health, Food, Energy, Water and Global High Schools.

United World College in Mostar (UWC Mostar) was founded in 2006 as the core part of the Foundation Education in Action. It is one of the 15 colleges within the UWC movement.

UWC Mostar is the first UWC in the Balkans and the only one with an explicit aim to contribute to the reconstruction of a post-conflict society. The college educates students to learn and appreciate their differences, while promoting equality, tolerance, and critical thinking.

UWC Mostar students come from all over the world, as well as from all ethnic groups in Bosnia and Herzegovina and the region. All students live, study and serve in the community together creating a unique example of integrated education in post-war Bosnia and Herzegovina. The College also serves as the Centre for Professional Development of BiH Teachers who receive training in international educational standards.


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