UNESCO has accepted the Janj Rainforest in BiH as strict Natural Reserve

The UNESCO World Heritage Center has accepted the Tentative List for the nomination of the strict natural reserve of the Janj rainforest as part of the expansion of the interstate series of Iskon Beech forests of the Carpathians and other regions of Europe, and this natural good of the Republika Srpska has been placed on the provisional list of BiH.

A tentative list is a list of those areas located in the territory of the Member States that are considered relevant for enrollment on the World Heritage List.

By including the Janj rainforest on the UNESCO World Heritage List, the first natural asset from Bosnia and Herzegovina has been inscribed on this prestigious World Heritage List.

Janj Rainforest is a strict nature reserve, with an area of ​​295 hectares, of which 58 hectares have been set aside in which the use of forests and any human activity is prohibited. The rainforest consists of beech, fir, maple, elm, ash and spruce trees.

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