Underground garage with 270 Parking Lots to be built in Sarajevo?

trgMunicipality of Stari Grad will build underground two-story garage with 279 parking lots at the Square of Liberation – Alija Izetbegović, stated the Chairman of the Municipal Council of Stari Grad Vedran Dodik.

At the last session of the Municipal Council held on June 28, the councilors unanimously gave consent to the Mayor Ibrahim Hadžibajrić for launching the process of implementation of the project “Construction of a two-story underground garage  Alije Izetbegovića Square”.

A company with headquarters in Sarajevo which was willing to built the underground garage gave up on the construction after the approval of their letter of intent before the Municipal Council and the calculations of financial costs. Chairman Dodik says that this will not disrupt plans of the Municipality and that the underground garage at the mentioned location will soon be in function.

Deputy Mayor of Sarajevo Abdulah Skaka said that the Municipality of Stari Grad will definitely not implement the project of construction of this underground garage alone and that this investment is a capital project for the City  of Sarajevo.

In addition to the garage, the square above it should also be reconstructed. It should be arranged according to the modern standards. This investment should cost several million BAM and after first five years if use all generated income will be divided between the investor and the Municipality in the ratio 50:50 percent for the next 25 years.


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