Unbelievable Number of Cars at Petrol Stations in Travnik




A great number of citizens have decided to take advantage of low fuel prices at a gas station near Travnik in order buy fuel at unprecedentedly low prices.

Two petrol stations near Travnik in the settlements of Gospino Vrelo and Kalibunar, 500 meters apart, are competing in lowering fuel prices. One of the few things that has gone to the benefit of citizens during this time of the coronavirus pandemic is the huge drop in world oil prices, news portal reports.

At Tioil gas station, the price of Eurodiesel 5 and 4 was 1.21 BAM, gasoline 1.26 BAM, and gas 0.76 BAM.

The market competition has forced some owners of gas stations in our country to lower fuel prices and operate at almost no profit, but to the delight of citizens.

Although fuel prices have fallen to an unprecedentedly low level, owners obviously still have room for price reductions.

Generally, fuel prices range from about KM 1.50 and up, depending on the gas station.

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