Two Members of BiH Armed Forces with Nazi Flag



The city of Bugojno has been in the centre of the public in recent days after Member of Presidency of Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) Sefik Dzaferovic mentioned in his speech the Croatian Defense Council HVO and the Joint Criminal Enterprise (JCE).

In his speech,  Dzaferovic called HVO as the aggression and criminal army in the service of the JCE.

A photo of HVO members posting a Nazi flag in Bugojno during the war appeared on the Internet. Interviewees of Vijesti.ba say that what the public is not familiar with is the scandalous fact that the picture shows the Brigaders of the Armed Forces of BiH – Josip Brajkovic and Predrag Viskovic.

Sources of Vijesti.ba news portal say that Brajkovic and Viskovic are from Bugojno. Brajkovic is reportedly currently an adviser to the BiH Ministry of Defense, and Minister Viskovic sent Minister Pendes to NATO headquarters in Naples, Italy, as the military representative of BiH.

It remains to be seen when and what advice the Ministry will share with Brajkovic, and how and when BiH will represent Viskovic in NATO headquarters after these extremely discrediting facts.

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