Two and a half Billion BAM available for Highways

London Summit brought new approved projects to BiH. Thus, sections Tarcin – Konjic and Buna – Pocitelj should be constructed on Corridor 5C. Last year, the summit in Trieste, with a delay of several months due to political issues regarding the Transport Community, brought four new projects as well.

“Therefore, BiH received projects in the value of more than one billion BAM with grant funds of more than 180 million BAM in a period of only 12 months. Thus, we now expect from those who are in charge of realization and implementation of these funds to accelerate their activities and we expect to see intensification of concrete works on all the sections,” said Denis Zvizdic, the Chairman of the Council of Ministers of BiH.

“We have about 2 billion and 500 million BAM available exclusively in the entities. The state ministry has no jurisdiction for announcement of international tenders. Currently, we have money for 10 sections on Corridor 5C that can become operational. It is difficult and I am not sure is their realization even possible before the elections,” stated Minister of Communications and Transport of BiH, Ismir Jusko.

Director of PE “Motorways of Republika Srpska” Dusan Topic announced the beginning of the construction at Corridor 5C. The section of this corridor through the RS is 46.6 kilometers long. Construction works of the first seven kilometers will start in spring next year. Besides the first one, the second section is planned as well, and both of them will be constructed with the funds of EBRD.

“This is one, let’s say exclusive news. We just entered the process of preparation with the EBRD for the second section of the Corridor VC, which will take place further from the loop of Kostajnica to the south – towards Karusa, i.e. border with the FBiH. That is an additional 5.6 kilometers of road. There is a bit more demanding terrain with two tunnels and a bridge across Bosna River. Our plan is to prepare everything and get ready for signing a contract in May 2019 when the annual Assembly of EBRD will be held in Sarajevo,” noted Topic.

Due to the fact that highways are constructed and finished in segments, drivers on longer distances have to exit and enter finished parts several times. And they also have to pay several times.

If you depart from Sarajevo to Banja Luka, you can drive on the highway until Zenica. The drive continues along the main road to Doboj. There, you can enter the highway again on the section from Doboj to Prnjavor. Then, the ride continues on the main road to Drugovici, and then you have the highway section of about 12 kilometers to the entrance to Banja Luka.








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