Twelve Trucks with Flour and Meat from BiH soon in Syria

flour-truck-aleppoTwo months after the association Pomozi.ba launched the humanitarian project “From Bosnia to Syria 2017”, 12 trucks with 233 tons of flour, 21 tons of meat products and 10 tons of other goods will be dispatched to Syria on Friday.

This is one of the largest humanitarian projects so far. The total value of the goods is approximately 450,000 BAM. From the collected flour 2,300.000 pieces of bread will be made and will regularly be shared to the Syrian refugees, while the domestic meat industry “Ovako” prepared more than 20 tons of canned meat products. The reasons for the remarkable response of citizens, individuals and companies are obvious, due to the fact that “what we were some years ago, they are now”, said the founder of Pomozi.ba Elvir Karalić.

The conference was attended by Amjad Alrez, the former president of the municipality Old City Damascus, which, in its name and the Syrian people, thanked for the collected aid.

“Before the war, Syria was a country without a debt. Today, its loss is estimated at 350 billion dollars. Around 80 percent of Syrians live below the poverty line, there are 8 million refugees and 4 million of them is out of Syria,” said Amjad Alrez.

Moreover,  he thanked on behalf of the Syrian people on the collected aid and expressed the hope that the war will end this year.

(Source: klix)

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