Tuzla International Airport Recorded Positive Progress

May 7, 2015 12:15 PM

Tuzla International Airport wikimedia.orgIn the mentioned period, next to the destination started with the Wizzair in 2013, such as Malmo (Sweden) – Tuzla – Malmo – three times a week, Basel (Switzerland) – Tuzla – Basel – twice a week, and Gothenburg (Sweden) – Tuzla – Gothenborg – twice a week, the airport opened two additional and very important destinations, Eindhoven – the Netherlands and Dortmund – Germany.

This resulted in an increase in the number of passengers from 61.564 in 2013 to 151.285 passengers in 2014, i.e. there was an increase in the number of passengers transported in 2014 for about 246 percent.

“One of the positive news from the Tuzla Canton is the development of the Tuzla International Airport, which records an increasing number of passengers year after year”, said the Minister of Trade, Tourism and Transport Edin Ajanović at a press conference.

In 2013, the airport transported around 63.000 passengers, and during 2014 that number spiked to 150.000 passengers, which is, says Minister Ajanović, a significant fact-if we take into account the airports in the region.

He also points out that the Tuzla International Airport has the best runway in B&H, with the possibility of extension for another kilometer, so it’s interesting for all the airlines that have been observing it from a commercial point of view.

As well as the number of passengers, the volume of business is constantly increasing. The realized revenue amounts to around 2.5 million BAM. Compared to the income generated in 2013, which amounted to about a million BAM, an increase of about 60 percent is recorded.


(Source: klix.ba)


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