Turkish Airlines to connect Mostar and Turkey soon?

Turkish Airlines should connect Mostar and Turkey with regular flights soon and serious negotiations are currently taking place, as noted after the meeting on the topic of business operations of the Mostar Airport, at which the year of 2018 was noted as a key year.

Director of the Mostar Airport, Marin Raspudic, noted that a delegation from Turkey already visited Mostar Airport and established that conditions necessary for Turkish Airlines to land are met, and he noted that they are conducting technical negotiations at the moment.

“Recently, we got a question about the type of airplanes that could fly to Mostar, and that represents a concrete phase of agreement. We already sent the necessary technical characteristics,” said Raspudic.

He hopes that the establishment of a regular line between Mostar and Turkey will be defined soon.

The Chairman of the House of Representatives of the Parliament of the FBiH, Edin Music, noted that the introduction of the airline is a quite complex process, but he believes that it will be realized soon because the first cooperation between the Airport Mostar and Turkish Airline was already achieved in the segment of all technical parameters.

The requests that were put in front of the Airport Mostar for the arrival of respectable airlines were fulfilled, and therefore, there is a good reason why the year of 2018 is expected to be historic for this airport.

“The Airport Mostar is going in two directions, i.e. the attraction of airlines that will recognize Mostar as a great tourist destination and helping the development of tourism in the entire region of Herzegovina and BiH. Its capacities has been increased and the airport is now on a serious level and it is ready to receive some well-known airlines, which will lead to open new workplaces and the increase of cash inflow into Mostar, the HNC and entire BiH,” said the Head of Technical Service of the Airport Mostar, Ibrica Berberovic.







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