Trump to renounce the Wage of 400.000 USD?

trumpAfter winning the race for the president of the USA, many people wonder whether Donald Trump will keep one of the most intriguing promises he made. The billionaire stated earlier that he will not take the wage for presiding over the USA.

Trump’s wealth has been estimated to 3.5 billion USA, although he claims that he has at least three times more. If he refuses to receive wage in the amount of 400.000 USD annually, he will become the third president in the history of the USA to perform this duty free of charge.

Before Trump, this was done by Herbert Hoover, elected in 1929, a man who became rich thanks to business with mines before he committed himself to politics. The most popular U.S. president John F. Kennedy also worked for free, since he came from a wealthy family. He assumed the office in 1961 and both presidents donated their presidential wage to charity.

At the campaign rally in New Hampshire in September 2015, Trump said that he will perform the function free of charge if he gets elected the president in one year.

“First thing I will do? I will reject the wage. That simply represents nothing for me,” Trump said.

Although Trump has not mentioned anything about this after the elections, majority of people believe that he will keep his word.


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