Trebevic Cable Car is a Special Gift for Citizens on the Day of Sarajevo

Historical Archive of Sarajevo and Trebevic cable car are connected by the same date. The Trebevic cable car was put into operation on May 3, 1959, and the Historical Archive of Sarajevo was founded on the same date just 11 years before. The director of this institution, Fuad Ohranovic, noted that a large part of the material for the cable car was stored in this archive. He also emphasized the former importance of the cable car as well as in what extent its reopening will contribute to the development of Sarajevo.

Ohranovic noted that the Trebevic cable car was very important project ever since its opening because it represented a domestic product that was made on the territory of the former Yugoslavia.

A total of 3,000 rides were recorded on the first day of the operation of Trebevic cable car. Ohranovic stated that the cable car worked from 2 PM in the first days and that the rows of citizens were waiting for the ride since 12 PM, but some people would still stay behind. Later on, after the complaints made by citizens, it worked from 8 AM to 8 PM, and on Sunday until 9 PM.

“The cable car represented the multicultural Sarajevo in a special way, so that everyone who used to ride a cable car could enjoy the view of Stari Grad, which is recognizable by the specific appearance of mahalas (streets) and its unique combination of Ottoman and European civilization. You can see the City Hall, Bey’s and Emperor’s mosques, the Cathedral, the Old Orthodox Church and Sarajevo Synagogue, and all of the aforementioned monuments make the basic form of Sarajevo that has always attracted everyone’s attention,” added Ohranovic.

Ohranovic also said that a large number of citizens was driving to Trebevic back then, and they enjoyed the clean air of the most popular picnic site that could be reached from the city center in a relatively short period of time.

He also added that the re-opening of the Trebevic cable car should remind us on some earlier times, but it is much different now than it was before. He stated that modernization enabled citizens to reach Trebevic faster, and that the capacity of the cabins is increased, but that will not change its importance.

“I believe that this will attract a lot of tourists and that all the potentials of Sarajevo and our countries will be promoted in this way, and I believe that Trebevic cable car will “revitalize” Trebevic. This is a very positive project  in deed and I fully support it. I believe that this is something that our city and its citizens really need,” concluded Fuad Ohranovic, the director of the Historical Archive of Sarajevo.

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