Trebevic Cabel Car to start working on April 6

March 6, 2018 8:00 AM

It is planned for Trebevic cable car to start working on April 6. Preparations for that event, despite low temperatures and rainfall, are in a full swing.

“We are starting with assembling all elements into a whole, which is called the process of installation of the Trebevic cable car. Just like all the cable cars, our cable car will need to pass rigorous tests, because we will be transporting people and we will not let people into gondolas until we are sure that everything is fine,” said Adnan Selmanovic, the manager of the Trebevic cable car.

The new cable car will be much faster, more comfortable and larger. Its capacity will be 10 persons. A total of 1,200 passengers will be transported in an hour. The only thing that remained the same is route.

“Transportation will be done from point A to point B and we will try to connect comfortable and useful by reducing the speed in order for people to really enjoy the ride – because the real aim of Trebevic cable car is panoramic sightseeing,” stated Andreas Seebacher, a representative of Leitner company.

Domestic staff that is working on the installation of equipment with Italian experts will complete training for the management of the Trebevic cable car soon.

Selected individuals will receive awards for their contribution to the city on the April 6. According to announcements, Trebevic cable car will start working on the same day, and the reason for all of that is the day of Sarajevo.



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