Traditional Selection for Most Successful Manager of Southeast and Central Europe Held

POSLOVNI LJUDIAs part of the traditional manifestation of the selection of best manager of the year in Southeast and Central Europe, in Sarajevo last night an international jury announced the General Director of “Energoinvest” Enes Čengić, owner and General Director of the company Voli d.o.o. from Podgorica Dragan Bokan, General Director of leading world company in the production of HS Product from Karlovac Željko Pavlin “Super Champions of Business” for 2013.

The recognition for the ‘best managers of the region’ went to the General Director of the Coal Mine in Banovići Munever Čergić and the General Director of the company Impol-Seval from Sevojno Ninka Tešić, Milorad Krstić, owner and General Director of the group “Milorad Krstić” from Dogern (Germany) and Mihaljo Mihajlovski, Executive Director of the company Fena and Director of the company Vatrostalna from Skopje.

The winners of the prestigious awards are business people and companies that this year marked excellent business results, rise in investment and steady quality, and providing leadership in the industry.

The award for “Personality of the Year” in the region, which is awarded to people who are not directly involved in business, but who significantly contribute to the development of overall relations, went this year to the Head of the Delegation of the EU to BiH and the EU Special Representative Ambassador Peter Sorensen.

This award went to a man who possesses distinguished qualities of a skilled diplomat, completed very successful duties in countries in the region, and advocated for the strengthening of regional cooperation and the position of BIH in Euro Atlantic integration process.

The President of the Organizing Committee and the General Director of the Directorate for Selecting the Best Manager Pano Škrbić, stressing the importance of economic growth for the future of countries in the region, gave the award on behalf of the Regional Independent Agency to Ambassador Sorensen.

The same award last year went to the President of Montenegro Filip Vujanović.

In the category of ‘Best Minister’, the award went to the Minister of Foreign Trade and Economic Relations Mirko Šarović, Federal Minister of Energy, Industry and Mining Erdal Trhulj and the Minister for Regional Development and Local Self-Governance in the government of Serbia Verica Kalanović.

“Best Manager of the Decade” went to President of the Management Board and General Director of the Company “Ericsson Nikola Tesla” from Zagreb Gordana Kovačević, who also took the title of businesswoman of the year in the region, and the leader of the company Krk from Novo Mesto Jože Colarić and Žarko Radulović, the first Director of the company Montenegro Stars Hotel Group with a seat in Bečići.

The special award for “Best Ambassadors” was given to the Ambassador of Azerbaijan to Serbia, BiH and Montenegro Eldar Hasanov and the Ambassador of Albania to BiH Flamur Gashi.

The special recognition of the ‘Best Mayor” was given to the mayors of the cities of Karlovac, Kragujevac and Pristina Damir Jelić, Veroljub Stevanović and dr. Isa Mustafi, while the ‘Best Mayor” award for a municipality was given to Husejin Smajlović, Mayor of Zenica municipality.

A number of awards were also handed out and special recognitions for achievements in business, engagement with the local community and other areas.

The award in journalism and media went to Veran Matić, President of the Board of Directors and Chief Editor of B92 from Belgrade.

A large number of people from the public, political and business environment of BIH and other countries in the region and beyond, and members of the diplomatic corps, a number of guests and officials, attended the ceremony.

There were a total of 22 managerial awards and 14 awards to the most successful individuals.

This is the 28th “Selection of best managers of Southeast and Central Europe” awards to be handed out, and it began yesterday in Sarajevo with a business conference on regional cooperation and development, which is this year dedicated to the assessment and evaluation of what awaits the economy of Croatia and countries in the region after the accession of Croatia to the EU.

(Source: Fena)

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