Trade Unionists loudly warn of the chaotic Situation in Coal Mines

Yesterday, by the decision of the acting director Husein Trumic, salaries were paid to the bank accounts of some workers employed in the Kreka Coal Mines, and the revolted trade unionists left the joint meeting.

Namely, the representatives of the Kreka Coal Mine Trade Union held a meeting with the company’s management yesterday, during which, as they claimed, they found out that with the unilateral decision of the acting director Husein Trumic the payment of salaries started for July this year, but only for part of the organizational units, more precisely for the surface mines Sikulje and Mramor.

“The unilateral decision of the acting director of the Kreka Coal Mine, Husein Trumic, did not provide conditions for the payment of salaries in other organizational units, including the Dubrave Surface Mine, workshop facilities, reclamation in Sicki Brod, and the mine management,” it was said from the Kreka union.

In line with the new situation, the members of the Workers’ Union left the meeting with the director, going to an extraordinary session, at which they concluded that they would give Trumic a deadline of 3 pm today in order to provide funds for the payment of salaries to other employees of the Kreka Mine.

Furthermore, Trumic was given a deadline until 10 am today to withdraw the decision on stopping the work of Dubrave Surface Mine, considering that, according to the information of the head of that unit, the conditions for the uninterrupted continuation of the production process have been met.

“The union committee, while analyzing all actions and measures that Trumic is trying to implement on his own, which produce a chaotic situation in the Kreka Mine in Tuzla, is completely determined to call on the authorities from the Government of Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina (FBiH) and Elektroprivreda BiH on August 20th and request the dismissal of the director, if he does not meet our requirements, ” it was stated by the union.

The situation in the Kreka Coal Mines culminated a few days ago, when 111 employees were sent on hold, and the miners were banned from holding a general strike.

New problems appear in the public in this mine with each hour. Since the production is reduced, the normal functionality of the Thermal Power Plant in Tuzla is endangered, writes.


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