Trade between BiH and Montenegro has been growing in the Past Five Years

Trade between Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) and Montenegro has been growing in the past five years, but was significantly reduced last year due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

BiH exports to Montenegro, according to the data of the Foreign Trade Chamber of BiH, from the value of 273.1 million BAM in 2016 increased to 448.6 million BAM in 2019.

Last year, in the conditions of the pandemic, the export of BiH to Montenegro recorded a certain decrease to 325.5 million BAM, but this year there is a recovery.

Thus, in the first four months, BiH’s exports to Montenegro amounted to 142.3 million BAM, and imports to 24 million BAM.

Among the export products to Montenegro are mineral fuels and mineral oils, iron and steel, as well as milk, dairy and related products. The most important imported products from Montenegro this year are wood, wood products and charcoal, vehicles (except railway or tram rails), ores, mineral fuels, etc, writes.

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