Tourists from Ireland and Malta stay the longest in BiH

In the period from January –May 2017, 436,485 tourists visited Bosnia and Herzegovina, which represent the increase by 8.7% and 884,999 overnight stays which is increase by 9.3% as compared to the same period of 2016.

The number of domestic tourist nights increased by 4.1% and number of foreign tourist nights increased by 12.0% as compared to the same period of 2016. Domestic tourist’s share of total number of overnight stays was 32.6% and foreign tourists share was 67.4%.

Concerning the structure of foreign tourist nights , most of them (55.9%) were realized by tourists from Croatia (17.5%), Serbia (10.5%), Turkey (8.7%), Slovenia (5.6%), Italy (5.5%), United Arab Emirates (4.1%) and Germany (4.0%). Tourists from other countries realized 44.1% of tourist nights. Regarding the average number nights staying in BiH, on the first place come Ireland and Malta with average stay by 3.5 nights, Kuwait with 3.4 nights, Qatar with 3.2 nights, Bahrein with 3.1 nights and Denmark with 3.0.

According to the type of accommodation facility the highest number of nights was recorded in Hotels and similar accommodation with share of 93,3%.

(Source: bhas)

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