Tourists from Croatia and Slovenia occupied Vlasic, the youngest learned to ski

A large number of tourists from the countries of the region and Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) decided to use Sunday and snowfall, so they visited Vlasic, BiH mountain, where they enjoyed skiing and sledding.

The mountain in the Central Bosnia, where a large number of tourists gather every year, both from the region and from all over Europe, yesterday was a favorite place for visitors who were looking for enough snow needed for sledding or skiing.

Snowfalls that have appeared on Saturday evening, as well as during the last days on Vlasic, have enabled the hosts to prepare high quality skiing and sledding trails, so guests, who were mostly from Croatia and Slovenia, occupied this BH mountain yesterday.

They emphasized they were satisfied with the hospitality, accommodation capacities, but also the ski trails.

The Tourist Board of the Central Bosnia Canton pointed out that they are satisfied with visitation of the tourists during this winter season, and they hope that the weather conditions will be appropriate in the following period.

Besides skiing and sledding, the guests of the BH mountain spent Sunday by walking and drinking hot drinks, and there was also a visit to the Ekofis complex, where the youngest skiers tried skiing for the first time during ski schools.



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