Tourist Season in Protected Areas of Canton Sarajevo is in full Swing

The tourist season in protected areas of Canton Sarajevo is in its full swing. There are visitors from all over the world, as well as from the entire BiH,” as stated by an expert associate for promotion and marketing of the PI Protected Natural Areas of Canton Sarajevo, Mustafa Zvizdic.

He noted that there are numerous domestic and foreign tourists who are visiting protected areas in the CS, and the visitors are coming from neighboring countries, as well as from almost entire Europe and Arab countries.

“Vrelo Bosne, Bijambare, Trebevic and Skakavac are recording a great number of visits every day, and these areas are very popular during the summer. Tourists are coming from all over the world, and there are many visitors from BiH and diaspora as well,” said Zvizdic, adding that tourists can enjoy in their new contents.

There is a new tourist train in Bijambare, new hiking trails on Trebevic and Skakavac, as well as children’s playground on Trebevic and Vrelo Bosna, together with numerous other contents.

Areas that are managed by the PI Protected Natural Areas of Canton Sarajevo (Vrelo Bosne, Trebevic, Bijambare, and Skakavac) have great natural values and they offer visitors an ideal temperature and a refreshment from hot summer temperatures.

From this institution emphasized that July and August are the most visited months according to all the statistics done in previous years, so they expect an even larger number of visits to these areas this year.

(Source: FENA)

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