Total of 249,829 Tourist Arrivals registered in Ilidza Municipality


A total of 249,829 tourist arrivals were registered in the municipality of Ilidza last year and 487,142 overnight stays were realized, and 31 accommodation facilities were available to tourists with more than 2,200 accommodation units and 5,200 beds.

According to the data of the Institute for Informatics and Statistics of the Canton of Sarajevo, for 12 years the Municipality of Ilidza has continuously occupied a leading position in terms of tourist arrivals and overnight stays, as well as the number of available accommodation units and beds.

In the registers for performing activities of individuals in the Municipality of Ilidza, a total of 1,315 business entities are enrolled.  These are 630 crafts and 313 trade shops/activities, 198 catering establishments, 78 taxi carriers, 52 trucking companies, 34 carmakers and ten driving schools.

Private sector investments have increased the total number of accommodations.

The position and importance of Ilidza Municipality as a tourist destination was further strengthened and the offer expanded through highly categorized capacities.  The Municipality of Ilidza is continuously carrying out activities to improve the overall living environment for citizens and visitors – according to the Municipality of Ilidza, Hayat news portal reports.



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