Total of 220 Million EUR invested in the Oil Refinery Brod

oil rafineryThe total investments after the privatization of the Oil Refinery Brod amounts to 220 million EUR and also additional investments in the development of the facility are planned, as emphasized by the director of the Refinery, Andrej Getinger.

At the press conference, which was organized after the biggest buyers visited the facility and met with the production process, Getinger emphasized that the Refinery today employs 1.180 workers, with the average net salary of 900 BAM, with the regular execution of obligations to workers.

At the working meeting, which was organized by Optima Group for its most serious customers, a short history of the Oil Refinery in Brod, realization of plans and the business planning, as well as the current and future investments, and the current and real production capacities of one of the largest companies in RS, were presented.

“With coming of a new investor in 2007, a process of significant investments in the reconstruction and the modernization of the refinery plant started, with the significant increase of the production capacity, and today, refinery has 14 various products in its assortment“, said the commercial director of Optima Group, Novak Damjanovic.

He emphasized that the Refinery has an annual capacity of processing of 3 million tons of crude oil, but due to the actual demand and the market volume, it annually processes 1.2 million tons.


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