Top 5 Successful Companies in Gorazde

Gorazde is known as one of BH cities with a large number of successful, mostly production companies. The metal industry dominates, and  there is also a large number of companies that are dealing with military industry.

The largest company in Gorazde, according to total revenues and profits realized in the year of 2017, is Unis Ginex.

Ginex achieved revenues in the total amount of 43.7 million BAM. This company is dealing with military industry, and its majority owner (51 %) is the Government of the FBiH.

In the second place is Bekto Precisa with the revenue of 39.5 million BAM. To recall, it was announced earlier this year that that this company will be taken over by German Emka.

In the third place is the producer of ammunition, Pobjeda Technology (PTG) with revenues of 21.3 million BAM. The majority owner of PTG is American Grasso Holdings Inc.

Prevent Group has three companies in the top 10 in Gorazde. In the fourth place is Prevent Gorazde (16.4 million BAM of revenue), in the seventh place is Prevent Components (9.6 million BAM), and in the tenth place is Prevent Safety (5.7 million BAM).

In the fifth place is the producer of explosive Pobjeda Rudet with revenues that amount to 16.2 million BAM.




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