Top 5 Business News and Events of this Week

BH companies are working on more complex products, and in our country are produced even yachts for the world market, seats for aircraft, etc. Moreover, our companies are becoming reliable partner to some of the world’s greatest giants.


Company from Prijedor is an Example of Success

Head of the EU Delegation to BiH, Lars-Gunnar Wigemark, visited the company “Edna metalvorking” in Prijedor and stated that it is an example of how the EU funds are used in a right way. Director of the company, Edita Rahman, noted that the newly established company rented a 200-square meter space, employed three workers and started with the production three years ago. Now they have a total of 27 workers and they are looking for three more, while their entire production is exported to the market of Germany.


Mittal is the largest Exporter in BiH

The list of the largest exporters and importers in BiH in the first half of this year was published. The largest exporter is ArcelorMittal Zenica, while the largest importer is OPTIMA GROUP Ltd. Banja Luka, according to data from the Indirect Taxation Authority (ITA).


Robot – Two Investments of 5 million BAM

Domestic retail chain Robot started with implementation of its plan to open 30 new shopping centers throughout BiH, which was announced at the beginning of this year. Robot opened a new shopping center in Banovici on Friday, and they started with the construction of a market center in Breza. The value of both investments is 5 million BAM.


Prevent signed a contract with Electrolux

The company Prevent Fad Jelah signed the contract for the production of metal components for installation in electrical devices in production plants in Sweden with Electrolux. The contract was signed after a visit of representatives of this famous company to production plants of Prevent Fad. They had the opportunity to see the quality and high standards of business operations in this company, a member of Prevent CEE, during their visit. around 100,000 pieces a year will be produced Within the first contract, and the increase of capacities was planned in the future period.


Greiner Aerospace to employ another 50 Workers in Zepce

The company Greiner Aerospace Ltd. in Zepce, which is specialized in the production of covers and other components for airline seats, announced the public call for employment of another 50 workers. In this way will be realized the increase in production and the number of employees, as previously announced by this international company that works for 80 companies from all around the world.






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