These are the Top 10 Municipalities by the Number of Newly Employed in BiH

Unemployment and Wages in B&H oslobodjenje.baThe Municipality of Novi Grad Sarajevo is one of the most active communities in BiH when it comes to employment programs. This year, from the municipal budget, will be allocated about half a million BAM for the employment of interns and employment through retraining of unemployed people for deficit professions.

Also, the project of Novi Grad “New Employment Strategy at the Local Level”, which is worth almost 187,000 EUR and will be implemented in order to increase opportunities for sustainable employment in the municipality, was selected for funding by the European Union a few days ago. This municipality co-financed employment of interns from the Employment Office as well.

All these projects, besides other incentives for employment, contributed to the Municipality of Novi Grad to be the first by the number of new employees in 2016. In fact, a total of 1,130 people was employed in this municipality last year. On the second place by the number of newly employed is Mostar, where 979 people found the job in 2016.

Among the top five municipalities by the number of new employees in the FBiH are also Tesanj (844), Tuzla (813) and Ilidza (678). The following is Travnik with 573 new employees in the past year, Zenica with 516, Gradacac with 495, Vogosca near Sarajevo with 486 and Gracanica with a total of 482 new employees.

In the period between December 2015 and December 2016 in 10 cantons in the FBiH was recorded an increase in the number of new employees by 3.75%. The total number of new employees in all cantons amounted to 18.224. When it comes to cities, the largest increase in employment was recorded in Sarajevo, Tuzla, Tesanj, Zenica and Travnik.

Initiatives for employment that are present in local communities all across the country are increasing. One example of this is the Municipality of Teslic, which will offer land at below market prices, or even for free, to potential investors. In Teslic are hoping to enable the creation of new workplaces in this way.

The increase in the number of employees is significantly determined by the volume of investment and trade or industrial production. It should be noted that the largest number of employees in BiH are working in the sector of manufacturing and wholesale and retail. This is confirmed by data on the number of employees from the past 4 months, as announced by the Directorate for Economic Planning of BiH.

“When we take a look at the number of employees by sectors, we can notice that the number of employees in January 2017 (compared to December) mostly increased in areas of the processing industry, accommodation and food service, wholesale and retail trade, repair of motor vehicles and motorcycles etc. Thus, the activities in the above-mentioned sectors mostly contributed to increasing number of employees in the reported period,” as stated from the Directorate for Economic Planning of BiH.



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