Top 10 Business News and Events this Week

February 18, 2018 6:15 PM

Tesanj, Donji Vakuf, Kalesija, Prijedor… These are the places which are in the focus of interest for investors, where new plants and jobs are opened. BiznisInfo and ProCredit Bank provide an overview of the most interesting business news and events in the past week, and this list showes optimistic view for the recovery of economy of Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH).

10. Austrians plan to invest in BiH

More than half of Austrian companies in BiH plan new investments and new employment in our country in the next year, despite the unstable political situation, complex administrative procedures and the present corruption. This has been shown by surveys conducted among Austrian companies.

9. Contessa expanded its capacities

The textile company Contessa in Tesanj, which works for giants such as: Versace, Cavali, Dolce & Gabbana, Diadora etc, has announced that it has invested 300.000 BAM last year in capacity expansion.

8. VS-Trend from Bihac works for American cruisers

VS-Trend company from Bihac produces ventilation systems and interiors for some of the biggest cruisers. They have a contract with the world’s largest cruiser operator, the American company Carnival by 2027, and currently about 60 people of the Bihac company are working in the United States. This year, they need to finish 8 ships.

7. INA officially increased its share in Energopetrol

This week, an updated shareholder list of Energopetrol has been published, confirming that INA increased its share in the company to 88.7 percent, and that the Federal Government’s share fell to 7.6 percent.

6. Prima Sofa expands its production

The company Prima Sofa, a furniture manufacturer from Kalesija, has announced an ad for the reception of 63 workers. “Due to the production growth, we have a need for a greater number of workers, which will be included immediately in the manufacturing process,” it was said from this company.

5. Koala Paintings hires and starts new projects

The Koala Paintings company from Tesanj is looking for 50 workers to work in new factory plants in the Industrial zone Bukva in Tesanj. The company expands its capacities and enters into new projects.

4. ”Metaling” Jajce builds a bridge in Copenhagen

The metal constructions made at the company “Metaling” in Jajce are built into some of the most beautiful building facilities in Europe. The firm announced that it is currently building a large bridge in Copenhagen, and that new jobs in Switzerland and Slovenia will follow.

3. BNT will produce a new howitzer

Machinery and Hydraulic Factory “Bratstvo Novi Travnik” (BNT) should soon begin production of prototype for a new self-propelled howitzer. This company recently produced the first BH self-propelled howitzer with a caliber of 155 millimeters and range of 40 kilometers. The new howitzer will have the same caliber, but the range will be 50 kilometers, and it will cost 2 million BAM.

2. Kolektor builds a factory in Prijedor

The large Slovenian company, Kolektor, announced the construction of its new production plant in Prijedor by the end of this year. Kolektor will build a production hall at 2500 square meters by the end of the year in Prijedor. Apart from that, the prestigious London-based magazine “Financial Times” awarded Prijedor a recognition for the development of a favorable business environment.

1. Investments arrive in Donji Vakuf

The Italian shoe production company “Olip” will open a plant in Donji Vakuf before the summer, where about 300 jobs should be opened. This is just one of the investments that arrive to this city whose economy is experiencing revival. Bosnaplod’s investment is also expected, and this week a large shopping mall by company Bingo was opened. The investor’s interest in investing in Donji Vakuf is increasing.




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