Tombstones recently discovered in the Hadžići Municipality presented

Tombstones in Hadžići hadzici.baWithin the marking of the 65th anniversary of existence and work of the Faculty of Philosophy in Sarajevo, the Municipality of Hadžići together with the Association Stanak organized the exhibition “Stećci Hadžića”, which displayed the recently discovered tombstones.

“Hadžići Municipality launched a project of making a list of tombstones in the area of our municipality, within the state project and candidacy for UNESCO’s heritage list. We have realized cooperation with the Faculty of Philosophy and the Association Stanak, and formed a commission which conducted field research. We have obtained impressive results. Precisely, we have discovered 120 new tombstones and necropolises which have never been listed since the Vukasovići and first writings about those tombstones in 1891 until today”, said the President of the Commission for Historization of Hadžići Municipality Vahid Alađuz.

The materials will now be processed, and a monograph “Srednjovjekovno kulturno-historijsko naslijeđe Općine Hadžići” will be made. The promotion of the monograph is planned to be held on the Day of this Municipality, March 6. This monograph will also include one of the biggest necropolises in the Sarajevo Canton Medvjedica, which consists of 152 tombstones, and the next project is applying for the excavation of necropolis in Osenik.

“Professors believe that it contains tombs of the dukes, and next year we will candidate and apply for excavation of three tombs in order to see what they are hiding. Further activities depend on the results”, Alađuz pointed out.

(Source: klix.ba)

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