Today is International Day for Sports Journalists

sportski novinariSports journalists mark 2 July every year as the World Day of Sports Journalists.

Sports journalists gathered for the first time on 2 July in 1924, even if sports journalism was around since the 19th century.

In BiH, sports journalism has a rich history.

“Our country has produced great sports journalists, and many of them are unfortunately not with us today. We are aware of our weaknesses, and that many do not look at us favorably and it is difficult for us to do journalistic work. Unfortunately, today we are less united, disinterested and are prone to all sorts of obstructions, and we are ready to ridicule and scoff at colleagues who want to do something for the common interest.

The ‘connection’ with AIPS has been established again, the World Association of Sports Journalists. The goal is to show that for at least one day we can send a message that we exist, that we work, that we work around the clock focused on sport and that we do not have working hours. We do not know about holidays, weekends, that we have pen and paper in hand from morning to night. We are trying to offer objective daily reports to our readers, viewers and listeners on sports results, victories and defeats’’, said in a statement of the FBiH Association of Sports Journalists.

“After 17 years, as long as BiH sports journalists were not on the map of world sports journalists, we are again a full member of AIPS. With a lot of passion, work and involvement of all members of the section for sports journalists, which operates as part of the BiH Society of Journalists, and the leadership of the organization, we have maintained our status under the global umbrella organization. Our colleagues, particularly through the Association and section of sports journalists of the FBiH could receive an AIPS annual card that gives many benefits to sports journalists, and unfortunately there are very few in our country, and much more in Europe and in the world’’, said in a statement.

The Association of Sports Journalists of the FBiH congratulated all colleagues on the occasion of World Day of Sports Journalism.

The gathering of the Association of Sports Journalists is scheduled to take place today at 11:00 in the Sarajevo Hotel Art.

(Source: Fena)

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