Tito’s Sunken Ship is Bait for Divers

shipUnique attraction on the Adriatic Sea attracted a large number of divers from all over Europe. In order to take a look at Tito’s sunken ship, they are waiting for a few weeks to get the opportunity to dive in the waters of Pula.

With the length of 58 meters, and the width of 8.7 meters in the widest part, Vis was submerged in the waters of Pula at 34 meters, while the top of the ship is at 18 meters.

Considering that it is located at a depth that is suitable for beginners, it became a real treat for fans of this sport from all over the Europe.

Arsen Brajkovic, the owner of the ship, stated that the season was excellent.

“This tourist season was excellent and we did not even manage to start dealing with marketing,” said Brajkovic and added that the interest in the ship is huge exactly because the tourists know that Tito sailed on it.

(Source: Faktor.ba/Photo: 24sata.hr)


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