Three Years Old Boy Timur celebrated His Birthday by Planting Linden Tree

September 26, 2020 4:45 PM

A beautiful and unusual birthday story was told today at Wilson’s Promenade in Sarajevo, and a new young linden tree testifies to all that. Namely, three-year-old Timur is celebrating his birthday today, but instead of a birthday party in the playroom, the boy and his parents today showed many fellow citizens how much they love their city, news portal reports.

Merima Lepic-Redzepagic, mother of three-year-old Timur stated that because of the coronavirus, they did not have celebration, but they decided to plant a tree on Wilson’s Promenande and thus contribute to a more beautiful environment.

The story that Timur’s parents started with Public Communal Enterprise ”Park” started a few weeks ago when they contacted Park with the idea of planting a tree on Wilson’s promenade, considering how much time Timur likes to spend in this place.


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