Three Thousand Roses for killed Bosniaks thrown in Drina River

The 27th anniversary of the crimes against the Bosniaks was marked in Visegrad by the organization “Women Victims of War” and “Visegrad 92”.

From the bridge of “Mehmed Pasha Sokolovic”, three thousand roses were thrown in the river representing the number of killed Bosniaks.

Flowers were planted and pray was said in front of the houses of in the Bikavac settlement and in Pionirska Street, where in 1992 members of the paramilitary formation “Osvetnici” under the leadership of Milan Lukic closed and after that burned more than 130 civilians.

More than 60 civilians, mainly women and children, were burned at the house of Adem Omeragic in Pionirska Street. The youngest victim was only two days old and did not even get a name.

Similarly happened to the Bikavac settlement. Esad Tufekcic lost a complete family in a live fire.

“I lost my wife, a five-year-old daughter, a two-year-old son. After 27 years of in vain search we could not find the smallest bone. It is my life’s wish that as long as I am alive to find mortal remains to be able to bury them properly, pay for them. There was a burning fire there, and the only survivor in that pit was Zehra Turjancanin. They were all women and children, there was no military capability, and everyone who was Muslim was supposed to disappear,” says Tufekcic.

(Source: Federal News Agency)

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