Three Bosnian Sisters delighted Everyone at their Prom

Adna, Azra and Admira Kapic are the only triplets in educational institutions in Cazin and the entire Una-Sana Canton who completed their high school education in the Gymnasium of Cazin.

Recently, the sisters took part in the traditional prom parade together with their peers, and their beauty and charm gave a special stamp to this event.

This was a special occasion for their parents, Cazim and Melisa, who have another son and daughter.

“Trust me, they are our three pearls and daughters that every parent would wish to have. They are hardworking and nice, and all three of them are great students and even better people, which is the most important thing for us,” said happy parents.

These 19-year-old girls are interesting and special in many ways, and  they are favourite among their peers. Citizens of Cazin only have the words of praise for them.

Sisters stated that, regardless of some differences in their character, they complete each other and they have not decided where and how to continue their education yet, although their greatest wish is medical school.

“Our paths might change in life, but our relationship will stay strong,” stated these beautiful young girls.

(Source: fokus.ba)




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