Three Adventurous Bosnians arrived from Austria in Sarajevo on Bikes

Bosnians bikersThree adventurous Bosnians Arif Mujkic, Zijad Celik and Jasmin Zuban from the town of Molln in Austria, started their trip to BiH on bikes, and yesterday they arrived in Sarajevo.

Although their trip was difficult and lasted for five days, they were in a great mood, and they were making photos with everyone.

Mujkic said that the easiest part of the trip was through Austria when they went from Molln through Lienz, Traboch, Leoben, Bruck Mura, Graz…

Celik was the most cheerful one of the three adventurers. During the entire time, he had interesting slogans written on his legs, such as “I’m tired” and “I can do it”.

“The complete trip of 900 kilometers was difficult, we spent a total of 47/48 hours on bikes in the past five days. For me, it was the hardest when we went to Sarajevo. I must emphasize that we were welcomed in each of the four countries that we went through and that, wherever we stopped, people were buying us drinks. I must also add that I slept badly in every hotel where we spent the night. I was able to get only three or four hours of sleep in total. I do not know whether it was because of the euphoria or tiredness,” said Zijad.

Zuban noted that they had excellent reception in every city through which they passed and that the entire trip went without any inconvenience.

(Source: Radiosarajevo.ba)

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