Thousand of Fasting Persons broke Fast at the Square in Banovici

Banovici iftar

Nearly a thousand people broke their fast at the Square forSrebrenica Victims in Banovici. A cannon from Tuzla arrived especially for this occasion and marked the time of iftar, and then ezan was heard from the mosque in Banovici.

“We engaged volunteers, members of the Cultural and Art Society (KUD) Litva on the realization of the idea on organizing the iftar, and caterers from Banovici gave their chairs and tables and the waiter service. Near 1.200 meals were prepared by women in Banovici, our mother, wives, sisters…“, emphasized Izet ef. Bajramovic.

Besides giving iftar to the fasting persons at the square, part of prepared meals were sent to residents of the collective settlement Jezinac,  residents of the settlement Veliki Brijeg and duty officers in PU Banovici.

Iftar at the square was attended by the representatives of the Majlis of the Islamic Community and the Municipality Banovic, and members of the KUD Litva performed an appropriate cultural and spiritual program.

(Source: klix.ba/ Photo: faktor.ba)

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