The Third Startup Weekend Sarajevo to Begin Today











Tonight, a great number of young people interested in starting up their own business will have the opportunity to expand their knowledge of startup entrepreneurship. Local and international mentors as well as the jury will help the youth to achieve their aims in the next three days of the event.

The opening of Startup Weekend Sarajevo will begin with an introductory speech by Mr. Edin Mehić and Ceca Gaković who will present two interesting startup programs: BIZOO and HUB387. After the introductory speeches, participants will individually give a one-minute presentation of their startup ideas. The second part of the evening will be reserved for the selection of the best ideas. In addition, it is important to mention that during the weekend it will be worked on the best ideas and on the formation of teams.

Saturday and Sunday Startup Weekend Sarajevo will testify on active work on businesses, development of prototypes, production design and work with mentors. On Sunday, participants will be given lunch which is sponsored by Cevabdžinica Mrkva. During lunch, participants will have an opportunity to spend time with famous startup entrepreneurs. The event will officially end with the presentation ceremony and gala dinner in the restaurant Vapiano.

Guest of the third StaStartup Weekend Sarajevortup Weekend Sarajevo will be Kathleen Fritzsche, who is one of the founders of startup accelerator – Accelerate Stuttgart. During the whole event, Kathleen will be a mediator and mentor. Furthermore, the Startup Weekend Sarajevo will host Benjamin Southworth, who will speak on behalf of FI-WARE and who will also be a mentor.

Some of the best experts from the spheres of web development, design and business will present themselves and their works during Startup Weekend Sarajevo. In addition, all of them will be available to participants during the preparation of their projects and business proposals to the jury.

Winners of Startup Weekend Sarajevo will be rewarded by Blackbox VC which prepared seven day stay in their luxurious villa located in Palo Alto, California. Furthermore, Avalon BH provided awards for the top three in terms of startup hosting packages. First place will receive Enterprise hosting package, the second Business hosting package while the third place get Home hosting package.Startup Weekend Sarajevo

Startup Weekend Sarajevo is generously supported by numerous partners and sponsors. Partners are BIZO Akcelerator and HUB 387, gold sponsors are Microsoft BH and Fi-Ware, while silver sponsors are Coca Cola, + New Business Department, Authority Partners, Black Box VC and Vapiano. Friends of the project are Pik.ba, EESTEC, AIESEC and OKC Banja Luka.

The atmosphere and news from the event can be followed via the website http://www.up.co/communities/bosnia-and-herzegovina/sarajevo/startup-weekend/3394 and Facebook pages https://www.facebook.com/StartupWeekendSarajevo

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