Third Meeting of the Council for Stabilization and Association held in Brussels

Chairman of the Council of Ministers of BiH, Denis Zvizdic, attended the third meeting of the Council for Stabilization and Association between BiH and European Union in Brussels with Deputy Chairman, Minister of Finance and Treasury Vjekoslav Bevanda and Minister of Foreign Affairs Igor Crnadak. The European perspective of BiH as a unique and sovereign state was retreated once again at this meeting. Officials of the EU and BiH considered progress achieved on crucial political, economic and legal criteria as well as the implementation of the Reform Agenda.

The Council for Stabilization and Association emphasized the progress of BiH in the process of European integrations after the submission of the application for membership in the EU in February 2016, as well as the Conclusions of the Council from September 2016, in which the European Commission was invited to submit its opinion on the merits of the request of BiH.

The Council for Stabilization and Association welcomed the establishment of a co-ordination mechanism on the issues in relation to the EU and submission of a response to the Questionnaire of the European Commission as crucial activities in the process of EU integrations.

It was also emphasized that numerous strategies have been adopted in the past period, with which was demonstrated clear commitment of all BH institutions for the process of EU integrations to remain the main aim of BiH.

Chairman Zvizdic noted that BiH is constantly working on improving the situation in the field of human rights. “We are working on abolishing segregation and discrimination in the field of education, protecting the freedom of speech, improving the status of Roma people, as well as preventing violence against women. We made a draft of the new gender action plan for BiH for the period 2018-2022,” stated Chairman Zvizdic.

He also noted that the Reform Agenda is implemented at the level of the Council of Ministers of BiH in accordance with the Action Plan for implementation of the Reform Agenda, which includes 34 measures. A total of 20 measures were fully implemented, 8 measures are continuously implemented, while the realization of the remaining six measures is taking place at the moment.

“Challenges ahead of us are not easy at all, but I want to retreat once again that there is no other way for BiH than integrations to the EU, especially because membership in the EU means high and quality standards in all segments of our society, and  it means a great improvement in living standards and quality of life for our citizens. For the Western Balkans region, the process of EU integrations is primarily a process of regional stabilization and the improvement of economic and social opportunities.

(Source: Sarajevo Times)




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