There will be no Suspension of Public Transport in Sarajevo

After several months of blockade, the account of “Gras” will be unblocked today, and the workers will be paid two wages. The Minister of Transport of the Sarajevo Canton, Adnan Steta, pointed out that the Government of Canton Sarajevo is doing everything to make public city transport in the Canton much better than it is today. “Let’s move on. In the next ten days, we expect another 30 vehicles on the streets of Sarajevo to come out of the garages of this company. This will improve the current situation on certain lines, especially during the pandemic, when it is necessary to enable citizens to ride safely in public transport vehicles, “said Minister Steta.

The Prime Minister of the Government of the CS also believes that GRAS has been brought to the brink of business with all the allocations. He explains the situation in this way:

”Someone offered GRAS workers a collective agreement, very creatively and very interestingly, by which they would get increased salary and the cost of salary for the company GRAS two and a half times, and then, of course, they did not pay it. The current blockade is 8.2 million BAM, and since the money was not budgeted and that it is outside the agreement that you adopted as an assembly at the end of last year, that money is not in the budget and thus workers cannot receive their salary, ” Forto explained.

According to the data, the total debt of GRAS is around 170 million BAM. The workers say that the ”disease” of their company has metastasized, but they still optimistically add that they hope for a miracle, BHRT writes.

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