There are no more Cancer Cells in the Body of little Girl Hana Pasanbegovic

Six-year-old Hana Pasanbegovic has beaten cancer for the fifth time and is currently in Turkey, where she was receiving treatment.

The Pomozi.ba Association, which has always participated in the process of treatment for this little girl, shared this happy news yesterday morning.

“We would like to start the morning with wonderful news from Turkey, there are no more cancer cells in the body of little Hana. Hana Pasanbegovic has fought cancer five times and we hope that this time the little lioness has beaten this vicious disease forever. She stays in Turkey and continues to get chemotherapy for the next few months, ” they stated yesterday.

Earlier, the association stated that about 200 thousand euros were spent on the treatment of Hana Pasanbegovic, adding that the money is irrelevant when it comes to these things.

Hana was born in June 2015, and at the age of less than two, cysts were discovered in her stomach. In March 2017, she went to Turkey for treatment. After three and a half months of chemotherapy, the tumor became smaller and was surgically removed.

Although she seemed to have won the battle with a serious illness, 23 months later, more precisely in November 2019, cancer attacked Hana’s body once again. A new, third operation was performed, followed by four new cycles of chemotherapy.

In March 2020, Hana’s exhausted body was attacked by the disease once again. It was established that it was the same type of tumor, but it was on the liver this time, which is why Hana went for the fourth operation in a row, after which she received six cycles of chemotherapy and 24 sessions of radiotherapy.

At the beginning of the year, the doctors found out that little Hana got cancer again, and then she was sent for emergency surgery, after which a humanitarian action of the Pomozi.ba Association was launched, in order to raise the funds needed for treatment.

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