The youngest Bosnians in Chicago marked the Independence Day

February 29, 2016 3:30 PM

12784438_1733896573513686_930922311_nIn the Bosnian school, which operates in the organization of Bosnian Islamic Cultural Center in Chicago, a workshop on the occasion of Independence Day of BiH was organized last weekend. On this occasion, schoolchildren participated in making the BiH flag and pendants with symbols of BiH.

Bosnian school in Chicago is the only of its kind in the area of North America that operates according to the program for additional classes of the Ministry of Civil Affairs of BiH, and it is attended by over a hundred students. It is led by experts, Professors of Bosnian language and literature Amina Sendic-Mesic and Enisa Omerovic, and it was launched back in 2012. This year, the children were eagerly waiting for their first diplomas certified by the Ministry of Civil Affairs of BiH, and the credit for this goes to the Consulate General in Chicago and Muriz Mesic, the imam of the above mentioned center.

There is a large BiH community in Chicago, more than 40,000 Bosnians and Herzegovinians are living at the shores of Lake Michigan, and not so long ago they marked the 100th anniversary of their activities.


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