The Youngest BH Writer Faris Sacic talks about his Works

Faris Sacic is a proof that BiH is a beautiful country full of young talents. In the era of social networks where books are mostly not read and neglected, this young BH writer is not only reading them, but he is writing them as well.

Faris Sacic was born, and he is living and writing in Sarajevo. He received awards at art competitions, and his literary works are represented in both electronic and printed media. He is finishing the fourth grade of high school and he is about to release his third book.

” I was still in primary school when I started writing my first book. The fact that I lived a little outside the city probably contributed to my writing. And when I went to city, I would often see some people or situations that were strange for us from the periphery, and quite normal for the people in the city. I was surprised by their coldness when they were passing by people who did not have anything and who were sitting on a cold stone. I started writing as an attempt to draw the attention of the people on those who had a hard life,” said Faris.

He stated that he has no role model for his writing. He goes by the pattern that destiny is the best writer, and life is the best book, and he believes that this is an approach of all the best writers.

“In an era of social networks, instant statuses, instant coffee, instant life and life philosophies, I believe that we have to go back to daydreaming. This is not a non-romance phrase, I honestly believe that itis a way out of all of it. I had an opportunity to talk to many older people, and all of them said that when you come to the end of your life, you just stop and think what the life really was. And life was actually just a big dream,” he noted.

He added that his books are not dedicated to anyone.

“One problem that I was often facing with is potentiating books, books as they are. But the book itself is something cold, something that can be burned, thrown away, forgotten, lost, etc. But the story is something different, something spiritual, something emotional. Therefore, my books as books are not dedicated to anyone. But unlike the book itself, every story was dedicated to someone. To a man on the street, a friend, myself…The stories are those that will live and that have their own personal meaning,” concluded Sacic.

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