The scandalous Report of RS’s so-called Independent International Commission for Srebrenica

The so-called Independent International Commission for the Inquiry of the Suffering of All Nations in the Srebrenica region in the period from 1992 to 1995 published a scandalous report aimed at relativizing the crime of genocide and the perpetrators’ responsibility.

This report of the Commission led by the Israeli Gideon Greif is written on more than a thousand pages and concludes that neither an individual crime of genocide nor genocide occurred in Srebrenica.

The people who were killed, as stated in this so-called report,were mostly war prisoners and those responsible, as they said, should be punished.

To make the parody bigger, as they said, Mladic did everything according to standards.

“It was established that the ultimatum issued by Ratko Mladic was in line with the one-year practice, already introduced in Directive 4 adopted in November 1992, which stated that able-bodied and armed men were disarmed, and if they did not agree, it was ordered that they should be destroyed. Mass executions after July 12th can easily be accepted as a horrific consequence of the refusal to surrender, ” the conclusions said.

The so-called Commission also dealt with the number of casualties in the Srebrenica region, primarily the number of Bosniaks killed. They say that until now, there has been a widely accepted interpretation that the murder of 8.000 Muslim men resembles genocidal crimes committed by the Nazis, systematically separating Jews and other minorities from the rest of the population, and then killing them.

“The Commission’s findings show that such crime did not happen. Moreover, the Commission found that Muslim forces of the 28th Division of the Army of the Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) inside Srebrenica formed a military column with more than 12.000 members of the army that broke through Serb army formations and headed for Muslim territory. The attacks on this column, which lead to killing approximately four to five thousand members of the 28th Division of the Army of the Republic of BiH, can be considered legitimate militaryaction. However, the execution of 2.500-3.000 military prisoners, including several hundred male civilians from the Potocari base, after hundreds of soldiers exchanged, represents a war crime. The Commission has no doubts about the criminal nature of these killings, ” it was written in the scandalous report among other things, Klix.ba writes.


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