The Red Cross of Bihac to open a Refugee Center?

April 28, 2018 12:00 PM

The Red Cross of Bihac put into operation a refugee center in Borici in order to help refugees who are coming to BiH.

It was agreed that the refugee center, which is the former dormitory in Borici, will be a unique place where the Red Cross of Bihac will provide food, daily accommodation and first medical assistance.

The team from the Healthcare Center examined all refugees and took care of their injuries.

The Red Crescent UAE delivered a large amount of food and hygiene packages to the Red Cross of the Una-Sana Canton at the initiative of the Secretary General of the Red Cross of the FBiH, Namik Hodzic, which is intended for refugees.

“Due to the increase of the number of migrants, the Red Cross of Bihac put itself on their disposal when it comes to accommodation and food, thus facilitating their trip, and making their stay in our city more pleasant. We have a good relationship with migrants, they expressed their gratitude for hospitality and they leave with a smile on their faces, which is the largest reward for all of us,” said the leader of the youth of the Red Cross of Bihac, Amir Draganovic.

A large number of volunteers is helping with distribution of meals, and there are about 50 of them in the field. From the Red Cross of Bihac emphasized that their greatest reward is the smile and happiness on the faces of people who really need their help.






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