For the First Time in 60 Years: The Reconstruction of the Tram Line starts in Sarajevo

The reconstruction of the tram line on the route Ilidza - Marijin Dvor will begin on Thursday, it was confirmed at the meeting of the representatives of the Ministry of Transport of the Sarajevo Canton and the contractor and supervisors.

"Works on that section of the railway are being carried out for the first time in more than 60 years. This is the most important public transport project that will greatly improve its quality and safety ", said the Minister of Transport of the Sarajevo Canton, Adnan Steta.
This project, worth 20.4m euros, envisions the reconstruction of 21.4km of the tram line.

"The first section, whose reconstruction will begin on August 26, will be Ilidza - Nedzarici, given the fact that this part of the tram line is in the most critical condition. Ninety days after the start of works on this section, works will begin on the section Nedzarici - Remiza. The reconstruction of the railway, according to the contract, on the route Ilidza - Remiza will be completed in 240 days ", added Steta.

The contractors are a consortium of two companies from China. Funds for the implementation of the railway reconstruction project were provided through a loan from the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD).

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