The Program for Electronic Records Management Presented

Pale_RSPALE in the administrative service of the municipality of Pale today was made ​​a presentation of the “Pejdž” in connection with the electronic, office management and spatial planning, which is brought into this community.

This program will be implemented by the Agency Stela” from East Sarajevo”, was announced from the Administrative Service of the Pale municipality.

The Mayor of Pale, Miodrag Kovačević said that the aim of introducing this program is to avoid unnecessary circulation of papers, long queues and delays in the administration, and achieve speed and efficiency in the work and remove the slightest possibility for corruption.”

He announced that this process will last three or four years in the several phases of which first phase includes e-administration and assignment of cases within the administration, monitoring and resolution.

The second phase considers external communication with the citizens, and that applications may be submitted from outside the building of the municipality, while the third phase involves the creation of Geoinformation with all underground installations,” said Kovačević.

Presenting the program, the Director of Stela”- Igor Golijanin said that it is not just software, but a project that involves a number of factors such as colleges and other institutions in the area of ​​the municipality and of mutual benefit of the local government and citizens.

(Source:Nezavisne Novine)

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