The Presentation of the Book “Gospar Danonoćja Đele Jusića” of Gradimir Gojer Tomorrow

knjiga_djelojusicThe book “Gospar Danonoćja Đele Jusića” by Gradimir Gojer will be presented tomorrow at the National Theater in Sarajevo, under the organization of HKD “Napredak”

The art critic and publicist Vojislav Vujanovic, the composer Đelo Jusić and the author of the book, the famous B&H writer, director and critic Gradimir Gojer will present the book.

In 350 pages of monograph, Gojer has included more than fifty years of Jusić’s creativity, that not only in Dubrovnik are perceived as popular folk songs from different generations, ballet from his oratorio pieces like “Istina o gradu slobodeand” Srebrenički Infernoand the latest opera “Andaluzija.

(Source: Fena)

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