The Performance “Palmyra” at the 58th MESS Festival delighted Audience

Continuing the tradition of connecting cultures of the United Kingdom and Bosnia and Herzegovina, British Council in BiH facilitated the performance “Palmyra” at the 58th MESS Festival. Apart of this performance, as part of the Edinburgh Showcase programme, authors Bertrand Lesca and Nasi Voutsas will hold a workshop “Politic in the room” which explores ideas of discord, frustration, hatred and reconciliation.

British Council BiH director Larisa Halilović, noted that the performance takes on the relevant topic and that the authors show that you do not have to be experienced in order to express your own opinion.

“We as British Council, find it important that we bring content that is different from what can be seen in Sarajevo. It is very important that it’s not commercial content and that we have given an opportunity to young people who are not engaged in mainstream art to come to the stage and introduce themselves”, stated Halilović while adding that this performance was selected by Bosnian director Selma Spahić, who had seen “Palmyra” herself while staying in Birmingham.

“In the performance, our relationship intertwines in an interesting way, as well as the relationship of us two with the audience. We are provoking a reaction from the audience by directing them toward deciding to choose between the two of us”, stated authors of the performance “Palmyra”.

At today’s MESSpresso, also announced were plays “Macbettu” (Wednesday, National Theater Sarajevo, 7.30 PM) and “The Fever” (Thursday/Friday, Academy of Performing Arts, 6 and 9 PM)

“In our play, the archetypes are characteristic to the audience. A very interesting fact is that the audiences all over the world reacted in the same way to our performance and I believe that Sarajevo’s audience will be pleased“, highlighted by director of Macbettu Alessandro Serra.

“Our play is interactive. We are all sitting in a circle and following what’s going on. The audience actively participates along with us. We are giving a chance to everyone to say what they think. Those more introverted will be able to follow our performance without interruption“, said the authors of the play “The Fever“, Abigail Browde and Michael Silverstone.

(Source: MESS)

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