The Municipality of Novo Sarajevo to allocate 200,000 BAM for the Project of Construction of the Stadium “Grbavica”?

stadiumMunicipality of Novo Sarajevo is planning to allocate 200,000 BAM within the budget for 2016, for the project of construction of the stadium “Grbavica,” after which it will be known how much the investment is actually worth, according to the Mayor of the Municipality of Novo Sarajevo Nedzad Koldzo.

He emphasized that the construction was supported by other levels of authorities in B&H as well, including the Ministry of Culture and Sports of Canton Sarajevo, the Federal Ministry of Culture and Sports and the Board of Directors of FC Zeljeznicar.

Koldzo added that the municipality ranked the construction of the stadium, which will serve for the needs of FC Zeljeznicar and the national football team of B&H, within the Strategy for development of the municipality.

He also emphasized that the funds for setting of artificial grass and reflectors on additional stadium, which is part of the Sports Hall whose interior design is getting to its final stage, are planned by the next year’s budget.


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