The largest Water Well in BiH is located in Vares

At the 18thsitting of municipal council of Vares Mayor Zdravko Marosevic informed publicity that they gave up on the activities of VAMOS project at the area of this municipality.

Testing and environmental impact monitoring of excavator prototype for underwater mining was planned in lake Nula, in Vares, within the VAMOS project.

In the official documentation, the project predicts series of risks on environment and life of the lake, therefore citizens and friends of Vares sent clear message with 2500 votes that they do not want to be experiment for testing of alternative mining methods.

It is important that Vares saved clean water, and that we did not fall that low that alternative methods of exploitation are tested on us and now everyone knows that being silent and suffering is not applicable in Vares,” as noted on the website

Residents of this city are grateful on a large help of non-governmental organizations: Eko akcija and Jedan grad, jedna borba, as well as to the association Aarhus Center in BiH.

“We would like to thank to all media, institutions and individuals who recognized the problem and helped us save Nula Lake in Vares, the largest water well in BiH. We would like to thank those who gave up as well,” stated residents of Vares.

Lake Nula is a large well of clean water located just a few minutes of walk away from Vares. It is the largest water reservoir in Zenica-Doboj Canton (ZDC) and wider. It is 610 meters long, 320 meters wide and over 100 meters deep.

(Source: Uzejrovic Midhat)

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